Bill #5517 and 5518 has been introduced in Michigan to repeal Barber Laws, effectively eliminating the need for a Barber License. Good idea or not? What your oppinion and why?
I recieved this notice a few days ago. Bill is introduced in Michigan to repeal current barber laws, eliminated the need for a Barber License. What do you think? Good idea or bad way to go?
Who   cuts   hair   better,   a   Left   Handed   Barber/Stylist   or   a   Right Handed Barber or Stylist?
Hi there! Thanks for checking in on our blog. Leave you thoughts on the heated and charged discusion on "WHICH CLIPPER REINS SUPREME IN FADES & TAPER...ANDIS MASTER or WALH SENIOR?"  Also, feel free to leave thoughts, opinions, and preferences on other haircutting related tools.
I think that just about anyone become great at cutting Black men’s hair. With some patience, practical experience, and an understanding of how varying degrees of curliness effects the character of hair, you may be surprised at how good you could become.

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