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10/3/2011 13:11:57

helllo john, my name is eric and im a barber in new jersey. i agree that if i had to pick only one clipper to work with it would be the senior. when i got into the field i went out and bought all the top dogs. the andis master, both wahl seniors, and the 76er to. the 76ers are to big, bulkt and heavy. they are definatly not good for kids. the machine is to big and thier heads to small, and the noise scares them. i work at a great clips and i cut men women and children of all ages and ethnicities all day long. black, white, spanish, asian, etc. what i have found is that the seniors are small enough and light enough to use all day long on any head. they are incredibly powerfull and can mow right through wet or dry hair weather course, med or thin with no problem. the andis master however will not cut hair even if it is damp, let alone wet. that being said, i am curious to know why you and others have said that the master is more powerfull. in my opinion, the senior is right up there with the 76 for power. i am a fairly new barber and interested to hear anyones feedback.

John R
10/16/2011 13:04:00

Hi Eric, You make some valid points. I suppose that even if the Andis Master is more powerful, ultimately it seems to be less effective a tool. You could be right about the Wahl Senior being more powerful. While I have always considered the Andis Master to be more powerful, I do not know this to be a fact. Thanks for the insightful comments.


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